Choir of Vision



Discovery of your brand definition.
Giving your brand a face, voice and personality.
Then celebrating these across imagery, digital and print.



Our branding service is at the core of what we do. Our process is built from four modular services; Discovery, Face, Voice and Personality. These provide the building blocks of your complete brand architecture - we can work with you to create any one, or all of these. Taking the definition of who you are and clarifying it into these four disciplines.

Photo & Video

Rendering your identity in all its cinematic glory. We believe your brand should be allowed the space to break free of the shackles of staticity and explore its rendering in motion. From seasonal campaign shoots to promotional trailers, we can make you make sense through a lens.


Making optimum use of your online real-estate. Balancing the goals of brand integrity and optimum sales platform. We will create a bespoke, workable online presence that starts with your brands identity as the cornerstone.

Print & Production

Allowing your brand to be rendered in its requisite physical presence. From braggadocios luxury to tactical workability, we can give your brand the chance to do its best work on the page. As much as we relish seeing our work on screen, we love print - and believe it is as alive as ever.